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Education is not bookish at all.It is that which we learn from a lot of everything that we are taught and translate that learnt portion in practical day to day affairs in the course of the life's journey. Euro international school , is established to provide holistic education and produce future citizens of practical wisdom, sterling character, divine vision and prismatic personality who will be the unprecedented forerunners ushering in a golden aged new clear butter worlds characterized by health, wealth, happiness, peace, purity and prosperity where mind, body and spirit will be in their ethereal essence bearing the indelible mark of celestial sample where the world will be called as one great family (vasudhaiva kutumbakam), where virtues like love compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, brotherhood, selflessness will reign supreme, where every boy and girls will respectively be called krishna and radha, where the king will have the sole mission of benevolence of his subjects (praja manga), where nature will be the slave of man and service him in all its aspects, where the vision of man and god will be equal and indiferent, where discipline will be the order of the day and where spirituality will be basic foundation of life upon which all other activities are based for alland sundry purposes.

With Warm Regards,
Sunil Yadav